Bedroom Organization: Show Your Bedroom Some Love

Is it time to show your bedroom some love?

Bedroom organization can actually lift your mood – when you walk into your bedroom, at the end of the day, can you feel the stress begin to lift off your shoulders or do you trip over clutter as you walk toward your bed? When you crawl into bed are you able to relax and melt into your comfy sheets or do you have to push dirty clothes out of the way before you can find your crumpled up blanket?

If you don’t regard your bedroom as a sanctuary where you can relax and decompress, it may be time to show your bedroom some love. Your bedroom is the last room you see at night and the first room you see in the morning. The state of your bedroom can have an affect on your mood and set the tone for your day (whether you realize it or not). 

Ignoring bedroom organization and decluttering:

I find it interesting that not very many people reach out to me about decluttering and organizing their master bedroom. Most people want to focus their time organizing shared family spaces: kitchen, garage, playroom, laundry room, pantry, etc. because these are the spaces that everyone else sees and uses. 

However, during most phone consultations I will discover that my clients’ master bedrooms are being neglected and could use some love. When decluttering, start in your personal spaces first. That usually means your bedroom.

Clearing the clutter really does clear the mind, so make sure the room you sleep in is as clean and clear as possible.

Show your bedroom some love by using these 5 tips:

  1. Do not use your bedroom for household chores such as folding laundry or sorting paperwork. The clutter often gets left behind and the room loses its peacefulness.
  2. Use a candle or essential oil diffuser with a fragrance that calms you. Place it near your doorway so you will be transported to relaxation as soon as you walk into your room.
  3. Each morning before you leave your room, take 3 minutes to tidy up. Take care of any dirty laundry or clutter you might have left the night before.
  4.  Always make your bed and fluff the pillows to create a more inviting appearance. Bonus: making your bed could lead to a more productive day because it creates a productivity mind-shift.
  5. Open the shades to let in the sunlight. It has been scientifically proven that exposure to natural light lifts your mood. 

Show your bedroom some love by focusing on these 5 zones:

Even if you “know” those areas are pretty organized, look at them anyway. You might be surprised by the clutter and dust that’s hiding inside drawers or under your bed. 

  1. The floor
  2. All surface areas
  3. Nightstand/side table drawers
  4. Dresser drawers
  5. Under the bed

At the end of a long day you will thank yourself for taking the time to create a clutter-free sanctuary for yourself. Always remember that you deserve nothing less than the best, so show yourself and your bedroom some love. 


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