Get The Most Out Of Your Closet Space

Storage space is always at a premium, so get the most out of your closet space.

Even if your home includes a large number of closets, you may still complain that you don’t have enough storage space.

The reason? You may not be using your space efficiently. Most people only use about one-third to two-thirds of their available closet space. Even if you feel like your closets are overcrowded there is probably untapped potential hiding behind those closet doors.

Closets are designed vertically, so that leaves a lot of unused space above eye-level. Depending on the location of each closet, there are ways to maximize the storage capacities of your household closets.

Downsize Clothing To Find More Space

Clothes take up a majority of the closet storage space in most bedroom closets. You can quickly open up space by donating items you haven’t worn within the past year. Only keep clothing and accessories that make you feel good about yourself when you put them on. If you have negative feelings every time you look at your old skinny jeans because they no longer fit, get rid of them!

Add Shelving For More Storage Space

Take advantage of that vertical storage space by using the shelving above your hanging bars in all closets. You can even add more shelves. If you have an empty wall or a spot above or below a hanging bar that is not being used these are great spots to add additional shelving.

  • Bracket shelving is very versatile because it is easily adjustable due to the many slots on the mount into which the metal brackets are placed. It’s a great choice for a closet with goods of variable sizes that are prone to be reorganized frequently. The flexibility of these shelves allow you to customize them to fit your needs.

  • Wooden shelves on mounts tend to be the best option for a closet that needs stability, such as a pantry or game shelf.  They offer a clean look and are not adjustable, but give great support. Wooden shelves must be accurately measured for a smooth installation. The mounts are merely ledges nailed into the wall, and the shelf planks fit on top of the ledges. The whole project requires some attention to detail, and you lose the flexibility offered by bracket shelves. However, they are a very sturdy option.

Use Stackable Containers

When storing your belongings on closet shelves you can use stackable containers to use more space on each shelf.

There are so many baskets, drawers  and bins to choose from when you are trying to get the most out of your closet storage space. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to take measurements and completely declutter before you purchase anything new. You might even be able to save yourself some money and reuse something you already have on hand.

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