Your clutter is a messenger 

If you really pay attention, you’ll be able to find the message within the mess. Your clutter is telling you that something needs to change. What a gift, knowing that things can be better than they currently are. Listen to your clutter to find out what’s going on.

Why are you hanging onto clutter?

It’s never about the thing itself, it’s about what that thing represents for you. For instance, are you hanging onto clothes that no longer fit? Do you have piles of old bills and junk mail hanging around? Ask yourself why…what is that clutter trying to tell you?

A personal story

I was holding onto an old dress that no longer fit. I didn’t love it, but I just couldn’t let it go. I asked myself, “Why?” The first answer that came to me was, “I’m afraid I’ll never be my “ideal” size again.” Remember – it always comes down to fear.

Then, I dug deeper…am I really afraid that I will never be my ideal size again? No – not really. I honestly don’t care what my dress size is. However, in the past, I defined myself as being “thin, small, petite” because these were words other people used to describe me. I was afraid of being the real me because I didn’t want certain people to love me less.

I had uncovered a limiting belief that was not serving me = People judge me when I am not a certain size.

Limiting beliefs show up in clutter

My personal experience of dealing with clutter helped me identify an untrue limiting belief – people like me better when I look a certain way. Yikes. I had no idea that ridiculous lie was hiding in the back of my mind. It was stopping me from being the best version of myself because I am actually healthier and happier when I am heavier. I’m so thankful my clutter helped me figure this out!

Limiting beliefs hold you back and deny you so many fantastic opportunities for growth. When you are brave enough to look for the message within the mess, you will be able to discover a few limiting beliefs of your own. Once you recognize them, it’s much easier to rewrite your truth.

Today’s assignment:

Kerri Richardson’s book From Clutter To Clarity does a great job helping readers uncover the message within the mess. I encourage you to order this book and use it as a resource to uncover what your limiting beliefs are. Listen to your clutter.

Kerri was kind enough to join us during a Loving Your Home Club meeting to discuss clutter. I also encourage you to take some time to listen to our conversation and hang-ups with clutter to see if anything resonates with you. 

Day 6 Recap:

  1. Listen to your clutter – what is the message within the mess, for you?
  2. Check out From Clutter To Clarity for extra support


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