Loving Your Home

Clean Up Your Focus, Not Your House

Stop trying so hard to create the perfect home and perfect life. 

When I let go of expectations, everything began to fall into place. 

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Frustration, overwhelm and resentment don't have to be a part of your daily life.


It's time to create a home that supports the kind of life you want to live. 

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Hi. I'm Crystal Loveless Nerpel.

I used to be frustrated with my messy home, but in some crazy turn of events, I became a professional organizer! (I often ask myself, "How the heck did that happen?")

After mastering the skill of organization, I began experimenting with my home. I used it as a life-sized vision board to construct a beautiful life for myself. I was excited about what I was creating for myself, and I wanted to teach others how to do the same. So, in 2019, I founded the Loving Your Home Club.

In The Club, we focused on loving one room at a time. The members who actively implemented the Loving Your Home concepts started noticing the same kind of positive shifts I had been noticing. The Loving Your Home Club no longer exists, but it inspired me to write everything down. I'm currently writing a book that explains how to clean up your focus, not your home. A clean, organized home is simply a happy side effect of Loving Your Home. The real prize is moving through life with ease and happiness.

I realized that when I shift and tweak a few simple home elements, I'm able to create a supportive environment that helps me thrive. Even more importantly, I've learned to shift and teak my focus in order to create a supportive inner environment for myself. What goes on in our heads greatly affects our homes, and vice versa.

Our homes and our lives are energetically connected; I use different areas of my home to tap into some serious life-changing potential. Since I have a professional organizing background, decluttering and organizing are a huge part of my process. However, they are only cogs in the machine.

There are other important components involved in the process of Loving Your Home. Specifically, the power of focus. I have taken my knowledge of home organizing, decluttering, and mindset to create a home that truly supports me and who I want to become. Spoiler alert: mindset trumps everything else. 

It took me nearly nine months before I started to feel like I was getting a good handle on my clutter. Along the way, I unexpectedly learned to love myself more than ever, and nearly 7 years later I’m still learning, growing, and leveling up. There is no limit to what we can achieve.

My Family

Crystal Nerpel

Even though I began this organizing journey focused on taking care of myself, this truly is a team effort. My family pitches in when needed, and they let me practice my organizing skills on them. They are my biggest supporters.

For 27 years, I have been married to a smart, creative, and sweet man who supports my mission to live my best life.

I'm the proud mama of Tori and Barret. Tori is in college, and Barret is in high school. They both amaze me with their talents and beautiful hearts.

We love to spend family time at our ranch with our dog, our cat, and the cows. Life is simple at the ranch, and it's my happy place.