Declutter your business and open up space for creativity, energy, effective decision making and growth.

The most successful people are always trying to find the most effective, efficient and profitable ways to do things. The most successful people understand that you should declutter your business from time to time. If you are a business professional who wants to reach that next level of success but are feeling stagnant; you could benefit from some decluttering.

As a professional organizer and business owner I have figured out how to open up new possibilities, increase productivity and profitability through decluttering.

Ready to level-up? Then declutter your business.

Declutter your physical workspace.

Start with the obvious; the physical clutter you can see and touch. Respect yourself, your business and your clients enough to have a clutter-free workspace. Clear off your desk, clean out your filing cabinets, throw away broken furniture and cull through the excessive amount of office supplies. 

Starting with physical clutter simply gets you in the right mindset to deal with the trickier clutter that we’ll talk about next.

Declutter your projects.

Put away old, completed projects that no longer represent the current focus of your business. This will open up space in your office and your mind for brilliant, future projects you haven’t even dreamt up yet.

Even more importantly, give yourself permission to let go of unfinished projects that you know are never going to be completed. Not completing a project that is no longer inline with your goals and values in NOT a failure. It means you have a good understanding of your business and your clients.

Declutter information overload.

It is completely counterproductive (and exhausting) keeping up with all the irrelevant information that is constantly thrown at us on a minute-by-minute basis. Be proactive in blocking out all the unwanted chatter.

  • You can quickly declutter your inbox by unsubscribing from solicitation emails at If you don’t do anything else, do this. 
  • It’s also a great idea to turn your phone off if you are in a meeting or in the middle of a big project. Most texts or calls are not emergencies. 
  • Turn off all social media notifications on all your devices while you are working. Worry about what’s going on with you right now, not other people.

Declutter negative people and upgrade your village.

Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” so if your ratio of negative friends is too high, it’s time to upgrade. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s what happy, successful people do.

Dealing with negative family members is more sensitive. Start by simply not discussing work with family members who have negative comments about your business.

Declutter your clients.

This is HARD, but it may be the best decision you make. If there are struggles and headaches, it can be a good move to fire a client. You should also turn down new clients/jobs that are not inline with your business values. Make sure it’s a good fit. Turning down work sounds crazy, but it will open up more opportunities for you to work with your ideal clients.

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