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The Ducks In A Row Recommended Organizing Tools

Supplies For Gathering and Organizing Your Vital Records and Documents:

Portable, plastic file box - Plastic storage boxes hold up better than cardboard. As you are getting your ducks in a row, the last thing you need is for a cheap cardboard box to bust open and scatter all your hard work on the floor. These boxes can also store archived documents after you have gotten all you vital documents located, recorded and filed.

Hanging files with tabs - Multi-colored hanging folders are not necessary, but are helpful if you are a visual person. Color-coding categories can make finding important documents a bit easier because you will begin to associate certain categories with certain colors. 

Manilla file folders - Center-tab file folders are easy to read and have a tidier look than alternating tabs (left, center, right). You will be using manilla folders to gather/store documents inside the hanging files that correspond with one of the 7 broad categories.

Paper Shredder (Optional) - As you come across out-of-date papers with sensitive information, I suggest shredding those papers to protect yourself. 

Stamp Roller (Optional) - This is more time consuming than a paper shredder, but the idea is the same: protecting your sensitive information and your identity. 

Supplies For Gathering and Organizing Your Important Information:

External Flash Drive - You can store your Ducks In A Row Workbook (your information organizer) on external flash drives. One flash drive is for you and one flash drive can be given to someone who you explicitly trust that does not live with you: an attorney, a close relative or friend. Be very careful about who you entrust with this information.

Supplies For Securing Your Documents and Information:

Fire and water proof document bag (Optional)- This is perfect for protecting vital documents that would be a pain to replace if they got damaged: birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports, etc. It is also a smart spot to store your external flash drive.

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