Guest bedroom ideas that will make your guests feel at home.

Out-of-town houseguests can be a joy, but they can also add a bit of stress if you aren’t prepared for their arrival. Is your guest bedroom always cluttered?

It’s not unusual for guest bedrooms to become cluttered because these rooms can sometimes do double-duty as offices, craft rooms, storage rooms, play rooms, etc. Since your houseguests have travelled a long way to see you, show them some love with a decluttered, cozy place to rest their head.

Clear the clutter before guests arrive.

Use storage containers, over-the-door organizers and baskets to contain your personal belongings, especially if the room doubles as a craft room or home office. If you have used this room as a drop zone and all the clutter has taken over, don’t worry. All clutter is fixable! Begin to tackle the clutter by taking a few baby steps and working in zones. 

After you have cleared most of the clutter it’s time to make your houseguests feel welcome.

Give your guests a comfortable bed:

It’s tempting to set piles of clutter on the guest bed because it’s not often used, but don’t get into that bad habit. Always keep the bed clear of clutter. Avoid dusty linens by adding clean, fresh sheets and blankets right before your houseguests arrive. After a long day of travel, your visitors will be so grateful to sink into a nice, cozy bed that night. 

Leave space open for your guests’ clothes: 

Clear some space in the closet with extra hangers for your guests to use. When you give your houseguests room to hang clothes and coats they will get settled in and relaxed more easily. You could also make sure there are a few open drawers or a suitcase stand available.

Have the essentials on hand:

Fill a basket with useful items such as extra toiletries and tissues. Place clean, neatly folded towels and washcloths on the end of the bed. This way your guests don’t have to search through cabinets or ask you where they are. 

It’s also a great idea to have extra phone chargers available in case your guests forget to bring their own. Along with a lamp on the bedside table, consider adding a nightlight so guests don’t stumble during a late-night bathroom trip.

Add a few personal touches to make your guests feel loved: 

You could add an essential oil diffuser with a relaxing scent or some beautiful flowers (keeping allergies in mind).

Put your guests’ favorite snacks and a bottle of water on the bedside table. Add a sweet “welcome” notecard. This is almost guaranteed to make your houseguests feel super special. 


Weekly cleaning and spot checks will help ensure that you are always ready for guests while keeping your guest bedroom clear of clutter.

Where we lay our heads to rest should be as clear of clutter as possible because clutter and chaos prevent a restful night sleep.

Treat your guest bedroom in a similar way you would treat your own master bedroom.

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