Holiday Decoration Storage

These holiday decoration storage ideas will save you time, money and frustration.

Having a good holiday decoration storage system in place can calm some of the chaos that usually comes along with the holidays. Most of us start dragging out the pumpkins and pinecones as soon as the calendar rolls over to October. Well, at least I do. I start decorating at the beginning of October and don’t stop until January. It can be a little chaotic, but I have a few quick holiday decoration storage ideas to help you keep it fun and simple.

Save time:

Don’t combine different holidays inside the same storage bin. Mixing Christmas and Halloween decorations together is just confusing, and you’ll waste time digging inside boxes looking for something specific. If all your Christmas decorations are stored together and clearly labeled you’ll be more efficient. This is how I store my Christmas decorations:

If you want to level-up your organizing game use color-coding. Simply use different colored storage bins for each holiday. All Christmas decorations could be stored in green bins while Halloween decorations could be stored in black bins. Group all your Christmas bins together, all you’re Fall bins together, etc.

Save Money:

When you can find what you have you’ll be less likely to buy duplicates. Keep all holiday decorations in a centralized location, and not scattered throughout the house. Keeping all decorations in the same area allows you to find everything when it’s time to decorate. You don’t want to buy more Christmas lights because you forget about the huge box of lights stuffed in the back of the guest bedroom closet.

Using plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes will also save you money by protecting your investment. Plastic better protects against gnawing rodents, moisture and mildew.

Save Frustration with good holiday decoration storage: 

Again, plastic bins are better than cardboard when storing holiday decorations. It’s super frustrating when your cardboard box gets smashed or falls apart while you are carrying it from the attic. Not to mention unsafe.

When buying storage bins BIGGER isn’t always better and overstuffing is never a good idea. You want the bins to be light enough to easily carry and remove from storage. Especially, if you are storing on a high shelf or in the attic.

Take a look at my TOP 6 Holiday Storage Pro Tips, and enjoy the benefits of getting those holiday decorations organized!


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