A Home Office That Inspires Productivity

Does this sound familiar?

  • Piles of papers that need to be shred sitting in a corner.
  • Unopened bills that need to be paid scattered around your desk.
  • Important documents that need to be filed forgotten somewhere inside an old shoe box.
  • Too many unused office supplies gathering dust.
  • A desk surface that hasn’t seen the light-of-day in months.

If this is similar to what you face each time you step into your home office you may be finding it hard to be productive. Whether you’re using your home office for business or personal projects you want your work space to be inspiring and inviting. It’s hard to get any work done when the mere thought of sitting down at your desk is unappealing.

That’s when you know it’s time to stop procrastinating and get busy organizing your office space…

Make your workspace work for you.

  • Purge: I love office supplies! I could spend hours perusing the isles of Staples, and I don’t really love to shop. However, I realize you only need so many paperclips, pens, file folders and staplers. The first step to getting your office organized is to get rid of things you really don’t need. Let go of that unopened box of paperclips that has been in your desk for 2 years. Weed out all the broken pencils and dried out pens. And you probably don’t need ten rulers. Don’t let unwanted, unused, unnecessary items clutter up your office. Yes, I know that an extra box of staples only takes up four inches of space, but let it go. You aren’t using them. A local school or church would benefit from your donation. Getting rid of the small stuff is a step in the right direction.
  • Files: Label each file folder with bold print so you can easily find it when needed. What type of filing system you use is up to you. Files can be color coded into categories or simply alphabetized. You may choose to put personal and business files in separate filing cabinets or just separate drawers. Maybe you decide that you prefer using binders over file folders. The choice is yours, but I always recommend labeling EVERY file folder and/or divider tab.
  • Old documents: Use cardboard file boxes to store older files you rarely need access too. Storing these boxes in the attic or a storage closet will free up space in your office.
  • Use a shredder: Securely and safely dispose of documents you no longer need.  Consumer Reports gives suggestions on how long documents should be kept.
  • Make it comfortable and inviting:  I suggest hanging pictures of loved ones and art that inspires you. Use furniture that is comfortable and represents your personality. Maybe even add an essential oils diffuser and play your favorite music while you work.
  • Clean up: At the end of each project put away all work supplies. At the end of each day clear off your desk. Put pencils back in pencil holders, throw scrap paper away, put files back in the filing cabinet, etc.

This is your area, so make it work for you. Increase your productivity by surrounding yourself with an inviting, clutter-free workspace that represents your personality. A productive day is a great day!

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