Laundry Room Organizing

Organizing a small space takes creativity.

Laundry room organizing takes creativity because it's usually one of the smallest areas in the home, and many of us tend to use it as a catchall-room. It's where we store things like extra bags, cleaning supplies, batteries, lightbulbs, spare tools, brooms, mops and ironing boards. Not to mention the actual laundry, washing machine and dryer. As a result, you can end up with a jumbled-mess of a room.

If you are working with a small area you'll have to do some creative planning before you start organizing. I am happy to share with you some of my favorite ideas for getting a laundry room organized.

If floor space is limited use your vertical space (the walls) for storage.

  • You can install cute wall baskets like this to hold soaps, cleaning products and dust rags:

  • If it's available, use the space above your washing machine and/or dryer to hang shelves. You could use this versatile shelf to hang mateless socks or to dry small delicates.
  • Mount an ironing board hanger behind the door or on a wall to hold your ironing board, iron and spray starch. Just make sure the style you choose will fit your ironing board. 

  • Save space and be practical by installing a retractable drying rack for drying delicates.

  • Most people seem to keep brooms, mops, etc. in the laundry room. Get those messy items off the floor and organized with a wall organizer. This is my favorite one.

  • And my most favorite of all is the wall pocket organizer! I have these all over my home, hidden behind doors to organize all kinds of small items. You can use one behind the door of your laundry room to organize cleaning products, clothespins, etc. This is the one I recommend for a laundry room. Use plastic, not mesh incase there is a spill!
Use the corners of the room.
  • Nestle a corner-shaped laundry bin into a corner to save space. Round laundry baskets/bins waste space. I like this one because it has a liner and the lid removes easily (it isn't attached). Tip: Keep the lid off most of the time. If the lid is on your family will probably put the clothes on the floor or on top of the lid. No one knows's one of the mysteries of motherhood. 
  • If you are lucky enough to have a larger laundry room, you might have room for a corner cabinet to hold utility items like batteries, small tools, light bulbs, etc. Note: I recommend getting something with a flat surface (not too many embellishments or grooves) so that lint and dust bunnies don't have a place to hide.
Use the washer and/or dryer as an organizing tool.

  • Take advantage of the magnetic properties of your washer/dryer. This cute little lint bin can either be placed on top of the dryer or attached to the side with it's magnetic backing. So cute!

Now that you've gotten the laundry room decluttered and organized it's time to simplify and destress the daunting task of conquering mountains of laundry!

This is an example of a laundry room organized by Cloud Nine Organizing. If you need  personal organizing assistance contact me here.

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