Living rooms are the ‘center’ of the home

Some people say ‘family room’ and others call it a ‘den’. My family has always called it the living room.

Even if your living room isn’t literally in the center of your home, it’s still the glue that holds the home together. Without a living room, a home would feel incomplete and disjointed.

Making memories

Most of my younger years were spent in the living room. My sister and I would watch Saturday morning cartoons while we ate a bowl of cereal or munched on cinnamon toast. Remember Saturday morning cartoons? That was the best, right? We’d sit on the floor in front of our humungous 1980’s television set with no remote control, watching Kids Incorporated or Looney Tunes while my parents sat on the couch drinking coffee.

We definitely lived in that room. It’s where we ate most meals, played games and opened Christmas gifts. I had many slumber parties in that living room. My dad put a long strip of duct tape on the carpet so my sister and I could pretend it was a balance beam and practice our gymnastic skills. My parents have even been known to do a cartwheel or two in the living room. They were fun parents. Since we did so much living in our living room, it’s at the center of most of my childhood memories. Good times.

Times have changed

Now, I have a family of my own and I kinda miss the simple connections that were made during those Saturday morning cartoons. My children are older and everyone has their own personal, hand-held device they can watch by themselves. The connection of coming together as a family can be a struggle. In fact, our home is large enough that, if we wanted to, we can hide away in our own area of the house and not even see another person all day. That’s crazy!

If we are not intentional about connecting with our family, the living room can simply be a room we pass through to get from one room to another. Personally, I don’t like that idea. Did you know you can use your living room as a tool to create connections and togetherness with the rest of your household members? Yep, it’s true…

Have you ever walked into a house and immediately felt at home?

That’s because of the positive energy floating around in the air. You can tap into the energy in your living room with furniture placement, sights, sounds, smells and other elements. These things can help you create a living room that brings people together. We go into more detail about these elements inside the Loving Your Home Club, but the most important element will always be the energy YOU and everyone else brings into your home. I have a little sign displayed by our front door that reads: Be mindful of the energy you bring into this space. It’s a little reminder that attitudes, prejudices, thoughts and words can shift the energy in your home.

So – always be mindful of the energy you bring into all your living spaces.


If you want to learn more about how to create a home that supports you and your family, check out the Club and join our free Loving Your Home Community.

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