Loving What You Already Own

Over time, we can stop loving our belongings because they begin to blend into the walls. When you look at something every single day you tend to stop seeing it. A lot of people hang paintings on the wall when they first move into a home and leave them in the same spot simply out of habit and familiarity. They lose their specialness and get taken for granted.

The same happens with furniture, window coverings and appliances. After awhile, it’s good to shake things up!

Before you head out to buy all new furnishings and decorations (which may create some serious clutter) try a few tweaks to see if you fall back in love with what you already own.

A few tweaks can help you love what you already own

A slight shift of your furniture, adding a new frame to an old painting or tossing some seasonal throw pillows on your sofa can create an entirely new feeling in your home. It can shift the energy of a space and help you fall in love with your old belongings. 

Watch the video above to see a conversation between Crystal and Interior Designer, Jamie Price about how to fall back in love with what you already own. Your belongings have a story to tell. Are you showcasing them in a way that speaks to you?

Loving old belongings – Real life examples

A few of my Loving Your Home Club members have been shifting and moving belongings around in order to love their homes. Here are a few ideas to hopefully inspire you to start loving what you already own:

Loving Your Home

Gina wasn’t loving her desk in this space because it’s in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of family life (see photo above). It was hard to concentrate with all the activity buzzing around her. She moved her desk into the guest room so that she has the option to close a door and work. A happy bi-product of moving her desk out of this room: She had the opportunity to move a few pieces of furniture around to create this super cozy and inviting spot to sit and relax. 

loving your home

After years of having the living room furniture in the same spot, Michele and her husband shifted things around. Michele admits that she doesn’t love change, but she immediately noticed a nice, positive shift of energy in the room. Her favorite chair is now near the fireplace which she loves (see photo above). Shifting your furniture can shift your perspective. 

Loving What You Already Have

Betty has a beautiful heirloom desk she loves, but doesn’t really use. For years, it sat next to the kitchen counter, with intentions of being used for homework. After realizing her sons prefer to work in their bedrooms she moved the desk out of this space and replaced it with a cute coffee station that she is loving and using every day (see photo above). Betty says it makes her happy to know that she and her guests get to enjoy this functional space. 

Loving your home doesn’t have to break the bank. You can always reuse what you already have. It’s amazing how slight shifts can make a big difference. 

If you are ready to start Loving Your Home, join the Club!

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