The Loving Your Home Club

If you are looking to create momentum toward creating the home and life of your dreams then you are in the right place! In The Loving Your Home Club you have resources, support and lots of love while you declutter, de-stress and simplify! 

This is a small community of smart, supportive, high-achieving women who inspire and encourage each other to live their best lives.

A Few Club Details...

  • You can attend weekly Zoom meetings to keep the momentum going.
  • Each Club member gets an opportunity to receive and offer support.
  • ALL conversations are confidential; what happens in the Club stays in the Club.
  • Throughout the week, you can check in with other Club Members through the private Facebook group.

Club Member Perks...

  • Unlimited access to exclusive resources, book studies and coaching.
  • 50% off Decluttering Sessions (no limit!)
  • Access to self-paced organizing courses (coming soon!)
  • Be surrounded by women who inspire and motivate you.
  •  Learn and implement positive decluttering habits.

A Few Topics We Cover...

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Schedules
  • Family Routines
  • Home and Office Organizing
  • Mindset & Mental Clutter
  • Clearing Physical Clutter
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Dealing With Daily Chores
  • Finding the Fun In Life
  • Adjusting to New Life Stages
  • Embracing Your Personal Decluttering and Organizing Style

3-Month Access for $249

We are NOW accepting NEW members!

Note: Space is very limited, so applying early is highly recommended.

Resource Samples...



$249 for 3-month access to all resources, meetings, group coaching and bonus events.

Meet A Few Of Our Members!

When I first joined The Club my thought was that I was going to learn some tips and tricks to help me get my home organized. While we did start that way, our group changed over time and it wasn't just about how to get my laundry washed, folded and put away or how to keep my countertops clear. 
There is a sisterhood that has developed and we went from physical clutter to mental clutter to emotional clutter and work clutter. We just support each other through whatever the current "clutter" may be. 
I have found a group of friends that care about what I may be going through and hold me accountable for doing what I say I will do, yet still show love and acceptance for the times I don't follow through. They have become the group of ladies I first share my accomplishments with because they know the struggle in the background.
The Loving Your Home Club has given me an outlet for sharing stressors and joys as well as being a supportive community that I care for and enjoy cheering for!

I am so grateful for the Loving Your Home Club! This Club is something I look forward to each week. I didn't really know what to expect when I signed up, but knowing that I could learn from and connect with other women was enough for me.
If you even have even the slightest inclination to sign up - do it! Listen to yourself, you will not regret it. What I have gained from this amazing group of women is priceless!

Here are a few things I love about The Club:
Camaraderie! The women in this Club support and celebrate each other as we take steps to organize and declutter our homes and our lives. Inspiration! Seeing the successes of other members inspires me to create my own success. Plus, the creativity that flows from this group is contagious. Hearing the ideas thrown out in our weekly meetings inspires me to work on things I didn’t even realize I wanted to work on.   Accountability! Knowing I will be sharing weekly updates on my progress keeps me focused and accountable. But, everyone in the group understands that sometimes things pop up that force us to shift our focus, and the other members continue to support me on the weeks when that happens. Resources! Crystal provides club members with fantastic resources – guides to help you dream and focus, book recommendations to inspire new ideas and quick videos to help with decluttering and mindset habits. 
In just a few months, I have created so much momentum designing a space that is grounding and relaxing for my family while being inviting for our guests. The Loving Your Home club is really about more than just loving your home. It is about creating a life you love and that starts at home.

Imagine coming out if a year from hell. And yes I know we’ve all been there but last year was so much more than a pandemic for me. It was battling through cancer, having the very core of my beliefs challenged, feeling a complete loss of identity and losing someone very close to me to alcohol and imprisonment.
Like so many I didn’t let 2020 defeat me though. Instead, I came into 2021 ready to embrace life and looking for something more. I wanted connection, support and sisterhood. And I found all of that in the Loving Your Home Club.
There were a lot of times I felt alone last year and I know I’m not the only one. But I have never felt that way since joining The Club despite other challenges that have popped up. Now, I have a group of amazing women around me who encourage me, inspire me, challenge me in the best possible way and love me no matter what.
This club is more than just Loving Your Home. It’s about living a life you love.

Crystal is a genius! A little over a year ago when I joined the Loving Your Home Club I couldn't have imagined the growth and goodness I'd gain from a weekly meeting of supportive women seeking to create momentum.  The deep friendships I've gained are priceless.
My intention for my home is to make it a place of refuge from the chaos of our world. Crystal and all the others in The Club have supported me in this endeavor. I'm so grateful I joined The Club and can't wait to meet all the new members!

The Loving Your Home Club Backstory:

Loving Your Home
Crystal Nerpel

I am Crystal Loveless Nerpel, so Love has been at the core of who I am since the day I was born. Ironically, my happy place is Loving, Texas. It's the setting of my dream life; filled with calmness, rustic nature, laughter and love.

On our 22nd wedding anniversary, Rob and I became the proud owners of our very own ranch! Even though we never envisioned owning a ranch, we knew it was perfect for us the moment we saw it. It felt like home. 

Our Loving Ranch is the inspiration behind The Loving Your Home Club. For me, the ranch embodies the Declutter, De-stress, Simplify lifestyle I strive to achieve. For my husband, it means being connected to some of his favorite things: hunting, fishing and animals.

We are pretty good at manifesting our dream lives, and I look forward to helping you do the same. 

You can create the home and life of your dreams when you are clear about what you want. A lot of my clarity comes from brainstorming with the amazing women in my life. Sisterhood is the foundation of The Club because when one of us is better, we are all better!

We look forward to supporting you while you create your dream life. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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