If you are skeptical, I feel ya because I was too! At first, I had a lot of misconceptions and confusion surrounding meditation. I thought it was for yogis, monks and people searching for enlightenment. Turns out, it  benefits everyone: men, women, children, poor people, rich people, lazy people, busy people, healthy people, sick people, all the people! 

Benefits of meditation

A consistent practice leads to physical and mental improvements:

  • Peace-of-mind
  • Clarity
  • Decreased depression symptoms
  • Lessened anxiety
  • Reduction in chronic pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Less frequent tension headaches

An overloaded mind puts a burden on the body. We call this burden stress. Meditation is one of the most efficient ways to diminish stress.

I recommend Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher for anyone interested in exploring the idea of decreasing stress levels through meditation. Emily’s Ziva Technique is beginner friendly and deepens your practice if you are already experienced.

False assumptions

  • If you can’t stop thinking about things, you aren’t doing it right. Not true! You are human, so you need to have thoughts. Even while meditating. Just let your thoughts drift in and out of your mind.
  • You have to sit, perfectly still. Nope: it’s OK to fidget and scratch your nose. You are not required to be a statue. 
  • It involves chanting and/or music. It’s up to you. If you prefer silence, that works too.
  • This is only for people who are seeking spiritual enlightenment. No. It’s for anyone who is ready to become a better version of themselves, physically and mentally. 

Meditation allows you to focus on NOW

Focusing on the present moment makes it more difficult to stress about the past (which is linked to depression) or worry about the future (which can cause anxiety). You are simply “being” here, right now. The power of NOW is healing. 

There are many forms of meditation: guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, and more. It doesn’t matter which form of meditation you prefer, the end result will be the same: de-stressing.

Give it a try!

Meditation is a practice that can provide tremendous calming benefits. It’s a tool you always have available to you; no supplies necessary. Don’t discount it if you doesn’t settle well the first time you try it. It may take practice.

Here is one of my favorite guided meditations. 


Have fun de-stressing!

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