Online Calendars

Online calendars are digital, web-based tools you can use to make life a bit more productive and efficient.

There are several choices out there, so do your research and use the one that fits your needs best. Every brand has it’s own benefits.

Online calendars are very accessible

Most of us have our phone with us at all times. Since an online calendar can be accessed through a smartphone your calendar is always with you. If you are at the dentist or hairdresser it is easier than ever to schedule your next appointment. You don’t have to go home and check your calendar. Just tap an icon on your phone to see what days you have available. It’s also convenient that you can access your calendar from multiple devices: smartphone, tablet or computer.

Online calendars help you to synchronize and streamline

Keeping up with busy family members can be chaotic (or is it just me?) That’s why it’s so great to be able to quickly share everyone’s schedules with family members to avoid scheduling conflicts. Cozi is a family-friendly calendar with helpful features. Family members can be color-coded and everyone can see what everyone else has scheduled. Cozi even has a shopping list, to do list and journal.

Google Calendar allows you to invite other people to events. They can then add the even to their own calendar. Another great feature of Google Calendar is that, with permission, you can sync your calendar to other people’s/company’s calendars. This was a blessing for me when my daughter started high school. Her band calendar automatically populates upcoming events into my personal calendar. Game changer!

Online calendars have versatile views

Quickly and easily switch from daily, weekly or monthly views depending on what kind of planning or scheduling you are doing. You can also easily color code events so you quickly see who has what going on. Example: All my daughter’s events are  navy blue, all my son’s events are hunter green, all my events are light blue.

Online calendars can send you reminders

It’s like have a pocket-sized personal assistant. You can set your online calendar up to send you visual and audible reminders for appointments. This is probably my favorite feature of any online calendar. I need reminders.

Digital, online calendars are one of my favorite productivity tools. I use mine every day to stay on track. Now, don’t forget to schedule in some downtime too! Having a day that is completely blank on the calendar can be rare, but much needed.

If you’d like a few FREE downloadable organizing tools click HERE.

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