Take time to reflect

Today, take some time to press the pause button. Reflect on how your life is being affected by the clutter that surrounds you.


Limiting beliefs are the fear-based stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck. Clutter hides quite a few limiting beliefs. When you hang onto something for “someday” there are probably limiting beliefs tied to it:

  • Something bad is about to happen at any moment and you’re going to need that thing.
  • Maybe it’s a scarcity mindset telling you that getting rid of something is a waste of money.
  • It could be guilt telling you that you are going to hurt someone’s feelings or destroy the environment if you throw something out.

Limiting beliefs don’t serve you. They hold you back. Look fear, straight in the eyes, and squash it.

Pressing pause and journaling

Using the power of the pen is a great pause button tool. I encourage you to break out a journal and brain dump about something you were struggling to release. It could be physical clutter, a toxic relationship or negative feelings about yourself. Why are you holding onto those things you don’t love? How are they serving you?

You’ll be amazed at how getting it out of your mind and onto paper can help you gain clarity. After pausing with the pen, you’ll be ready to hit that “Play” button!

The ultimate pause button: Rest

When you sleep your brain is on pause. When you meditate your body is on pause. I’ll be honest, this was news to me. I always thought it was the other way around until I started to practice meditation.

When you are in a deep sleep your brain is on pause. You don’t really think about your to-do list. You may be dreaming, but there’s no active worrying or stressing. Your body’s reflexes are still active during sleep…you snore, you twitch, you roll around.

When you meditate your body is on pause. Yes, you can still move if you like, but your heart rate and breathing will slow and stabilize. Your body is actually very relaxed. When I meditate, I tend to go “numb” and can’t even feel my body…sounds weird, but it’s amazing. Your brain, on the other hand is still having active thoughts. You may find that during meditation, you have your most brilliant thoughts.

Your refuge

Take the time to carve out a spot in your home that is just for you. You deserve a refuge, in your home, to protect your well-being by setting up boundaries. Make sure everyone who lives with you knows that this space is yours. Are you making up excuses as to why you can’t do that? Stop.

Find your spot, your refuge. You deserve it. You deserve to press pause and take care of yourself.


  1. Face your fear – what are some limiting beliefs you’re telling yourself?
  2. Brain dump – incorporate journalling into your decluttering process.
  3. Find your spot – where can you go to press pause?

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