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Comprehensive Document + Information Organizing System


The Ducks In A Row System Is A Comprehensive Document + Information Organizing System.

This system is designed to help you get all your personal information and documents completely organized. You’ll have all your Ducks In A Row, making life easier for you and your loved ones.

All your vital documentation + information at you fingertips!

  • Organize and streamline your physical documents into an intuitive filing system that makes sense.
  • Learn what you should keep and what you can declutter.
  • Enter important, relevant information into an efficient information organizer that has already been designed for you – there is a digital and printable version.
  • You will get guided instructions with supporting videos that walk you through the process of getting your Ducks In A Row.
  • Your instant-download Ducks In A Row Organizer is designed to grow with you and can be edited to fit your individual needs.



This is a very comprehensive document and information organizing system. It will help you identify, gather and efficiently store all your vital information and important documents in one secure location.

Once you purchase your Ducks In A Row System you will have immediate access.

Your document organizer is designed to be used and stored, in a secure manner, on your computer. However, if you prefer to print the workbook and use pen and paper that works too. This is a very flexible system that can be tailored to meet your needs.

The versatile format is comprehensive and modular, so only use what you need to use, depending on your stage of life. It is meant to change as your needs change.

You will have access to bonus materials and video instructions.

It is going to be so nice to know, without a doubt, exactly where all your vital documents are – In one centralized location.

A few ways The Ducks In A Row System has made life easier for other people:

“Being able to easily show my dad’s doctor all his current and past prescription medications allowed his doctor to quickly revaluate and adjust a few things that would benefit my dad’s health struggles. It relieved stress off of my family’s shoulders because we didn’t have to search through piles of paperwork or sort through pill bottles.”

“When filling out some vehicle information for a state park pass I didn’t have to go to the garage to look at my vehicle. I had it all on securely saved on my computer and was able to copy and paste the information into the form.”

“My high school student texted me from school asking me for her social security number (which I do not have memorized). I not only know exactly where her card it I also have the number just a click away. I was able to get it to her within seconds.”

Special Note: All Loving Your Home Club Members receive ONE FREE COACHING SESSION when they purchase the Ducks In A Row System.