School Lunch Prep

School lunch prep can simplify and destress the rest of your week.

During the school year, mornings can be hectic enough without having to figure out what to throw inside the lunchboxes as everyone runs out the door. You can make your morning routine a bit less hectic with some school lunch prep.

Involve your children in meal planning.

Your children can be your biggest and most valuable helpers when looking for meal ideas and getting those lunchboxes packed, so let them have some input. Let them help you write out a weekly lunch menu. Sometimes, they will surprise you with the creative and even healthy ideas they may come up with. Little ones are so great about thinking outside the box, so to speak. 

Here is an easy meal planning idea that would work perfectly for school lunches.

Also, when they are involved in the actual prepping and packing process children (even the picky eaters) are more likely to look forward to eating what is packed for them. 

Have the right school lunch prep supplies on hand.

After you have figured out what your kids are going to be eating, at school, you can make life a bit easier by making sure you have the right supplies on hand each week.

Keep school lunch prep simple, and use basic supplies. Don’t worry about buying fancy gadgets that will be hard for your children to open on their own or that they may accidentally throw away. Here are a few basic items that will make school lunch prep easier: 


  • Neoprene lunchboxes are great because they are machine washable. YAY! Spills are easily cleaned up, and more than likely there will be several few spills throughout the year.
  • If your children enjoy taking salads to school these little salad dressing bottles are leak proof and made of food grade silicone.

  • These containers are my favorite because they leak proof! However, they are a little expensive to send to school with very young children if there is the possibility they may be accidentally thrown away. It happens, so just keep that in mind. Also, baggies work just fine too!

  • A Thermos is great for hot food: soups, pasta, left overs, etc. Personally, I like to have the exact same Thermos for each child to simplify. No complaining or arguing about who gets which color or size.

Do your school lunch prep the night before.

Prepping the night before allows you to be less rushed and use your mornings for other things.

Don’t overcomplicate things, but remember that what your kiddos eat is super important to their brain power. School lunch prep ensures that you will be prepared and hopefully make your school week a little less hectic. 

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