Staying Organized In Each Stage Of Life

Life Is Constantly Changing

Each stage of life brings new adventures along with the occasional challenge. Being organized for each stage of life could have a huge impact on how well you deal with the changes and challenges.  

Beginning Stages of Life: Parenthood

One of the most joyful (and sometimes overwhelming) stages of life is parenthood. The importance of every decision seems to be amplified because your choices no longer affect only you. They affect someone you love more than life itself: your child.

There are so many things to consider, and during this stage of life, your time is no longer your own. In between changing diapers, feedings and baby proofing you are trying to sneak in a nap or shower for yourself. Saving money for college may not be on your radar right now.

However, if you have young children, it’s very likely that they will someday attend college. You even know, on the day they are born, what year they will probably graduate from high school.

Yet somehow, our children growing into college-age adults happens faster than we expect. Many parents say, “I can’t believe they are already graduating from high school! How did this happen so fast?”  My own daughter is graduating from high school this year. I’m so excited for her, but seriously…how did it happen so fast?! (I’m not emotional, you’re emotional). 

Luckily, my husband and I have been mentally and financially preparing for this stage of life for about 17 years. Making monthly contributions to a college savings plan has allowed us to focus on this new adventure without having to stress over tuition costs. 

Final Stages of Life: Death

Even though we know certain life events are unavoidable we are still surprised when they occur. The big one, of course, is death. We all know that death is an inevitable stage of life. It’s not a novel idea. However, death usually does shock us. It’s one of the most emotional events any human can experience.

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a very overwhelming, heavy time. We cherish beautiful memories and mourn a great loss. This emotional rollercoaster ride can take a big toll on our stress level. When we are under such stress, it can be hard for our brains to make clear, rational decisions.

While in the pit of despair, no one wants to be worrying about things like:

  • Who needs to be contacted and where is all the contact information?
  • Is there a life insurance policy?
  • Is there a will?
  • Where are the insurance policies and other vital documents located?
  • Did they have a lawyer? If so, who is the lawyer?
  • Did they have any special final wishes we need to honor?

It’s a lot to take on, but it can all be a bit more manageable if everything is organized and prepared in advanced


We are never static.

As life moves forward family dynamics shift and change. That’s the beauty of life. If all goes well, we grow into wiser, better versions of ourselves. Being organized and planning ahead for big life events like family vacations, college, retirement and even death prepares you and your family for almost anything life throws your way.

Even if you aren’t looking forward to the change, at least you will know exactly what to do when life happens because you will have all your ducks in a row.

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