When you walk into your bedroom do you feel the stress of the day melt away? Or, are you still tense because of the clutter hiding under the bed, on the floor and on top of surface areas? 

If you are not feeling relaxed it’s probably time to shift the energy in your bedroom

Your bedroom is the last room you see at night and the first room you see in the morning. The energy in your bedroom can have an affect on your mood and set the tone for your day (whether you realize it or not). 

Shift the energy in your bedroom

Pay attention to how you use your bedroom. Do you use your bed to fold laundry or sort paperwork? I don’t recommend doing so. Using your bedroom as an office or workspace can actually leave behind hectic, busy-energy. That’s not the energy you typically want in your bedroom. Without realizing it, this could make it harder for you to relax when you crawl into bed at night.

Apply some of the tricks you learned in day 17  of this 30-Day Declutter, De-stress, Simplify Challenge. Use calming scents, colors and music in your bedroom to create a calming atmosphere.

I recommend clearing anything out, from under your bed. In feng shui, using the space under your bed as storage is considered clutter because it blocks energy flow. You want your positive energy (chi) to flow freely. If you are having issues sleeping or relaxing in your own bed, take a peek. What’s hiding under there?

Morning Routine

Your morning routine starts in your bedroom, so here are a couple things you can do every day to make sure the energy in your bedroom is positive:

  • Each morning before you leave your bedroom, take 3 minutes to tidy up. Take care of any dirty laundry or clutter you might have left the night before.
  • Make your bed and fluff the pillows to create a more inviting appearance. Bonus: making your bed could lead to a more productive day because it creates a productivity mind-shift.
  • Open the shades to let in the sunlight. It has been scientifically proven that exposure to natural light lifts your mood. 

Today’s assignment:

  • Clear your bedroom of any obvious clutter.
  • Try to find somewhere else to store the things you have under your bed (or donate them).
  • Tidy up every morning, make the bed and open the shades!

Have fun creating a calm, peaceful sanctuary in your bedroom. You deserve that!

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