Personal Boundaries

Personal Boundaries Will Simplify Your Life

What exactly are personal boundaries?Personal Boundaries are how you communicate to the world (and to yourself) what you will and

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Mental Clutter

Mental Clutter Is Affected by Physical Clutter

What Is Mental Clutter?Mental clutter shows up as negative thoughts that create stress: things like fear, anxiety, guilt and worry.

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Declutter Destress Simplify

Get The Most Out Of Your Closet Space

Storage space is always at a premium, so get the most out of your closet space. Even if your home

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Life Stages

Staying Organized For Each Stage Of Life

Life Is Constantly Changing Each stage of life brings new adventures along with the occasional challenge. Being organized for each

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declutter your business

Declutter Your Business

Declutter your business and open up space for creativity, energy, effective decision making and growth. The most successful people are

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You Have Plenty of Time To Declutter

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique ®? Pomo-what? Pomodoro is Italian for tomato. The Pomodoro Technique ® is centered around

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embrace change

Embrace Change

Being prepared and organized can help you embrace change. Learning to embrace change with open arms isn’t always easy. It’s

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Why do you hang onto clutter

Why Do We Hold Onto Clutter?

Do you know why you are holding onto clutter? Questions: Do you own items that you don’t love or use?

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holiday storage pro tips

6 Holiday Storage Pro Tips For Staying Organized

How to organize like a pro during the holidays: As an organizing specialist, I have a lot of experience helping

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Online Calendars

Online calendars are digital, web-based tools you can use to make life a bit more productive and efficient. There are

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getting organized

Getting Organized

Getting organized can help you live your best life.Since living with clutter causes unnecessary stress and frustration, I want to

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Stop negotiating your availability

Stop Negotiating Your Time

Your time is precious, so make it non-negotiable   Teresa Schlup has first hand experience with the demands of being a

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school lunch prep

School Lunch Prep

School lunch prep can simplify and destress the rest of your week. During the school year, mornings can be hectic

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Mess Creates Stress

Mess Creates Stress

Mess is more than just the stuff other people see on the outside. I help people eliminate the mess that

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Junk Mail

Junk mail is like an unwanted house guest. You never invite it over, but it barges in anyway.If you don’t

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