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Join The Challenge Declutter, de-stress and simplify your life in 30 days Welcome to a month-long journey of discovering how to live your best life! In 30 days time, you are going to have access to so much knowledge about how to declutter, de-stress and simplify. However, all the knowledge in the world won’t help

The Declutter, De-stress, Simplify Challenge

An attitude of gratitude is more than just a cute little catch phrase. Gratitude is a tool that can help you create the life of your dreams. The concept has been around for thousands and thousands of years, but it’s still misunderstood. The misconception of gratitudeEven though it’s very healing, we resist leaning into gratitude

Gratitude Creates Head & Heart Space

Over time, we can stop loving our belongings because they begin to blend into the walls. When you look at something every single day you tend to stop seeing it. A lot of people hang paintings on the wall when they first move into a home and leave them in the same spot simply out

Loving What You Already Own

What exactly are personal boundaries? Personal boundaries are how you communicate to the world and to yourself what you will and will not accept in your life. They protect your time and energy. Do you say “yes” to certain things but you’d rather say “no”? That’s an indicator that you may not have well established boundaries. 

Use Boundaries To Simplify Life

What Is Mental Clutter? Mental clutter shows up as negative thoughts that create stress: things like fear, anxiety, guilt and worry. Just like physical clutter, mental clutter can be purged. However, it can more illusive and confusing to deal with than physical clutter because it’s not tangible. A few ways to deal with mental clutter

Mental Clutter Is Affected by Physical Clutter

Life Is Constantly Changing Each stage of life brings new adventures along with the occasional challenge. Being organized for each stage of life could have a huge impact on how well you deal with the changes and challenges.   Beginning Stages of Life: Parenthood One of the most joyful (and sometimes overwhelming) stages of life is

Staying Organized In Each Stage Of Life

Declutter your business and open up space for creativity, energy, effective decision making and growth. The most successful people are always trying to find the most effective, efficient and profitable ways to do things. The most successful people understand that you should declutter your business from time to time. If you are a business professional

Declutter Your Business

There is always time to spare To paraphrase Steven Covey: When you say you don’t have time what you’re really saying is you’d rather be doing something else. There is always time to declutter, but if you aren’t making time it means it’s not a priority. And you know what? That’s OK!  However, I have

You Have Plenty of Time To Declutter

Being prepared and organized can help you embrace change. Learning to embrace change with open arms isn’t always easy. It’s human nature to want to hold on to what you have or stay in your current situation because it’s what you know. It’s where you’re comfortable. Change, on the other hand, is uncomfortable. Even scary

Embrace Change

Do you know why you are holding onto clutter? Questions: Do you own items that you don’t love or use? Do you know why you still have those items? There are several reasons why you may be holding onto clutter. Not realizing it’s clutter: Oftentimes, the piles of clutter become white noise in the background.

Why Do We Hold Onto Clutter?

Getting organized can help you live your best life. Since living with clutter causes unnecessary stress and frustration, I want to share with you how I like to sort through the clutter and get organized. Now, keep in mind that decluttering and organizing is not one size fits all, but try this out to see

Getting Organized

Your time is precious, so protect it!  Teresa Schlup has first hand experience with the demands of being a busy mom, wife, business owner and volunteer. She’s also knows  a thing or two about setting boundaries and shares her top 4 tips to help you protect your time. Set (and stick to) your office hours:

Protect Your Time

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