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Join The Challenge Declutter, de-stress and simplify your life in 30 days Welcome to a month-long journey of discovering how to live your best life! In 30 days time, you are going to have access to so much knowledge about how to declutter, de-stress and simplify. However, all the knowledge in the world won’t help

The Declutter, De-stress, Simplify Challenge

Life Is Constantly Changing Each stage of life brings new adventures along with the occasional challenge. Being organized for each stage of life could have a huge impact on how well you deal with the changes and challenges.   Adulthood Young adults tend to live in the moment (for the record, I love that) and thinking

Staying Organized In Each Stage Of Life

There is always time to spare To paraphrase Steven Covey: When you say you don’t have time what you’re really saying is you’d rather be doing something else. There is always time to declutter, but if you aren’t making time it means it’s not a priority. And you know what? That’s OK!  However, I have

You Have Plenty of Time To Declutter

Being prepared and organized can help you embrace change. Learning to embrace change with open arms isn’t always easy. It’s human nature to want to hold on to what you have or stay in your current situation because it’s comfortable. Change, on the other hand, is uncomfortable. Sometimes, even scary. Big life events create big

Embrace Change

Organizing With Children Can Be Fun (and Challenging)! Organizing is a great skill that can start early in life. Children are like little sponges, and soak up everything we are willing to teach them, and that includes organizing. Get your children involved in the decluttering and organizing process, and let them take ownership of their

Organizing With Children

Family is always at the Center Keeping up with the hectic lives of family members can be a challenge, especially this time of year! Now that summer is winding down and school is about to start life will take on a whole new look.  With all the extracurricular activities, carpooling, new bedtime routines, packing lunches,

Family Command Center

Everyone loves a clean house, but not everyone loves cleaning There is this misconception that organizing and cleaning are the same thing. They are NOT. Organizing involves the efficient placement of items and cleaning is making sure everything is dusted, mopped, wiped down and sanitary. Big difference. I love to organize, and I hate to

Cleaning: Make It Fun and Get It Done!

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