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Declutter your business and open up space for creativity, energy, effective decision making and growth. The most successful people are always trying to find the most effective, efficient and profitable ways to do things. The most successful people understand that you should declutter your business from time to time. If you are a business professional

Declutter Your Business

There is always time to spare To paraphrase Steven Covey: When you say you don’t have time what you’re really saying is you’d rather be doing something else. There is always time to declutter, but if you aren’t making time it means it’s not a priority. And you know what? That’s OK!  However, I have

You Have Plenty of Time To Declutter

Your time is precious, so protect it.  This blog post is written by Teresa Schlup. She has first hand experience with the demands of being a busy mom, wife, business owner and volunteer. Teresa shares a few ways you can protect your time and stop negotiating your availability. Set office hours and stop negotiating your

Protect Your Time

Are you moving fast, in the wrong direction? Busywork is the equivalent to being lost on your way to a new city. Driving faster doesn’t help if you are going in the wrong direction. Busywork is anything that keeps you moving, engaged and distracted from where you really want to go. It feels like real

The Busywork Merry-Go-Round

It’s time to ditch the traditional to-do list once and for all “You don’t need more time in the day. You need to decide.” ~Seth Godin   Wouldn’t you rather say “TaDa, I’m done!” at the end of each day instead of looking at an unfinished to-do list? Then it’s time to make some decisions.

3 Steps To Getting Rid of Your To-Do List

Does this sound familiar? Piles of papers that need to be shred sitting in a corner. Unopened bills that need to be paid scattered around your desk. Important documents that need to be filed forgotten somewhere inside an old shoe box. Too many unused office supplies gathering dust. A desk surface that hasn’t seen the

A Home Office That Inspires Productivity

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