Let’s Look At Types of Clutter

There are SO many types of clutter, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll break it down into two broad categories: physical clutter and mental clutter. They both have a heavy impact on stress levels, and play a big role in keeping you from living your best life. 

Physical Clutter

Physical clutter is pretty straight-forward: You can see it and touch it. It’s the piles of clothing, papers, dishes, toys, etc. that are strewn around your home, office or vehicle. You know it’s clutter when you no longer need, use or love it. If they hang around too long, these items begin to consume large amounts of your time, energy and space. 

Mental Clutter

Mental clutter isn’t as clear-cut and simple to recognize or deal with. People are great at hiding and ignoring their mental clutter. Just like physical clutter, it stops you from living your best life.

It can be caused by an overload of information, nagging emotional issues, too many obligations and limiting beliefs that don’t serve you. This internal congestion can also include never-ending to-do lists, negative internal dialogue, relationship demands, old grudges, or unhealthy habits. Recognizing the types of mental clutter you are dealing with is the first step in decluttering them. 

What to do about the types of clutter?

Physical clutter can cause mental clutter AND mental clutter can cause physical clutter. It’s a vicious cycle, but it can be broken.

Today’s assignment:

Find one physical item you’ve been struggling to let go of. We all have something we don’t really love but don’t think we can get rid of. (Wedding china is a very common one.)

Journal Prompts:

  • Really look at that item: What initial thoughts and feelings come to mind when you see it? Pull your journal out and write about it.
  • Now, picture yourself letting that item go. How does this make you feel? Do you feel lighter, calm, at peace? Or do you feel guilty, upset or even have a physical reaction?

Journaling about your hesitation to release clutter can help you release the struggle. Remember, it always comes down to fear. Ask yourself: what am I afraid of? Look for the message within the mess.

Day 2 Recap:

  1. Find ONE piece of clutter that you are struggling to let go of.
  2. Use the journal prompts above to release the struggle.
  3. Challenge yourself to get rid of that item to clear up both physical and mental clutter today.

Remember, you are in charge of your stuff, not the other way around.

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